Yoga has the power to transform your life!
Hi! We are so thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful studio on the quaint Main Street of Lowell, North Carolina. Our passionate staff strives to bridge the gap between just coming to your mat and finding that deeper soul level connection. If you want to grow your practice in mind, strength of body, and explore the deeper healing aspects of yoga, then Sundara Yoga is your home for yoga in the heart of Gaston County.


Super Friendly, Smaller Classes

At Sundara Yoga, our classes are super friendly, smaller in size and intimate in nature. We won’t just change bodies, we will change lives with dynamic instructors, soulful music, and creativity crafted classes. All of our classes integrate the breath (pranayama) with the movement (asana) to bring you deeper into your personal practice on the mat. We will help you relax, or find your edge, and we will teach you how to be mindful in all your movements.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Sundara has a class for you.


In our studio…

Yes, you will work, but you will also, laugh, cut loose, clear your head, and empower your body and brain to love your best life. It is our mission that all who enter leave happier, healthier, and more passionately inspired.